About us

About Us

Welcome to Mckins Technology Limited

The objective of the company is to carry on the business of general ICT and technology service, computer suppliers, computer services, computer networking, software programmers, internet link services, communication services, maintenance and repair of computer systems, installation, sales and supply of computer accessories and equipment.

We are your choice!

At McKins, we delight in you making the very best choice for your new age gadgets and laptop purchase.


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Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos
+234 (0) 806 231 3023

Warranty Info

We have got your back!

McKins works with the best manufacturers to provide the best and affordable
products to its customers.

At times, things go wrong with these products. Luckily, these manufacturers
are committed to our customers as much as we are. They show their commitment through warranties.

Warranty ensures that if anything goes wrong, that is not the customer’s
fault, your product can be repaired or replaced.

Warranty is available as stated by the manufacturer on new products, while for used products, It is only 1 month warranty.

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