Best Laptop To Buy For Rugged Work: ASUS Chromebook C202SA

The ASUS Chromebook C202SA is tough, good-looking and comes at a price that isn’t going to make you cry when you drop it, slosh your coffee onto the keyboard or manage to let a bag of tools falls onto it. In fact, at just $229, the C202SA is a fraction of the cost of comparably tough laptops aimed at rough trades. It’s so inexpensive you may consider buying a backup for the inevitable day you kill yet another laptop. But hold that thought for a moment.

The ASUS Chromebook, which was originally designed with kids in mind, comes with a reinforced, rubber-wrapped protective guard that reduces the damage that accidents could cause. It also has a keyboard that is resistant to up to 66 cubic centimeters of liquid. Up to 2.23 ounces of your coffee, tea or other beverage just rolls off the keyboard.

On top of that, the ASUS Chromebook is designed with grips that make it less likely to slip out of your hands and go crashing to the floor. It’s also gone through rigorous endurance testing to ensure the inevitable drop will be less harmful than it might be for other laptops.

Just because it’s rugged doesn’t mean the ASUS Chromebook isn’t super-functional, particularly if you’re already doing your invoicing and other work in the cloud. To start, it’s fairly lightweight at just 2.65 pounds, so taking it with you to work sites is totally doable. The screen has a 180-degree hinge, making it easier to share designs,, contracts and other materials with clients and crew. Larger keys also make it easier to type accurately (in fact, it’s got a phenomenal keyboard). And while it’s far from the battery life you’ll get with higher-end (and more expensive) laptops, the Chromebook’s battery averages about 10 hours, enough to get you through a busy day.

The Chromebook C202SA comes standard with a built-in camera, stereo speakers, microphone, Bluetooth and a 3-in-1 card reader. Kensington Lock security also is included.

Keep in mind that this is not a computer for power users. It’s a Chromebook, so there’s no word processing or e-mail software on this computer. You’ll need to use cloud-based applications like Google Docs and Sheets, etc. It also has a simple 1.6 GHz processor, onboard memory of 2 or 4GB and just 16GB of storage, so unless you’re keeping files in the cloud, you’ll likely need at least a thumb drive or two.

Best of all, the ASUS Chromebook is built to be easily repaired, so replacing parts is quick and inexpensive.

Pros: Easily repaired, super tough, portable and practical with good battery life, all at a great price

Cons: Can be a little slow and very little onboard storage

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