Mckinstech Top 10 Ultrabooks To Buy

At the beginning of 2011 Intel initiated a new class of notebooks, the Ultrabooks. Notebook manufacturers could use the protected designation “Ultrabook” if they met certain criteria, for example the CPU (Intel Haswell ULV), battery runtime (6 hours FHD playback) and dimensions (<21 mm/~0.86 in). As new technologies are allowing manufactures to create very slim devices without a special effort nowadays, Intel stopped its Ultrabook initiative. Today, the raise of convertible laptops and windows based tablets with keyboard-docks gives the user a choice of almost numberless devices.

As there is still a big interest in very slim and lightweight traditional laptops, we decided to keep this ultrabook list, with adopted criteria:

  • only laptop-style concepts and 360°-convertibles
  • not bigger than 14-inch
  • lower than 1,5 kg (3.3 lbs)


The following table shows an overview of the Top 10 Ultrabooks reviewed by Notebookcheck in the previous 24 months. If the ratings are equal, the latest review is listed first. The table can be sorted by clicking on its headers and filtered by entering text in the text field above it (e.g. “matte” or “touch”).

Best Ultrabooks as of January 2018

Best Ultrabooks as of January 2018

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