The 4 Best Laptop Deals for Christmas 2018 – Nigeria

best laptop deals for christmas

The 4 Best Laptop Deals for Christmas 2018 – Nigeria

For the student, college graduate, entrepreneur or loved one who needs a tech update, a laptop is the go-to gift. With a laptop, you’re not just giving the gift of fun – you’re giving the gift of independence. Your giftee will have the on-the-go power to endlessly learn and create while engaging with people from all over the world. Read on to learn about the best laptops of 2018 to find the perfect gift for that person on your list.


2-in-1 laptop, the best laptop for Christmas

1. 2-in-1 Laptops

A 2-in-1 laptop can transform from a tablet to a laptop using detachable keyboards and flexible hinges to offer a packable and versatile laptop experience. For the person who’s always out to get stuff done, a 2-in-1 laptop allows them to accomplish their goals and make beautiful presentations wherever they go. It’s these features that make brands like Microsoft and Lenovo really shine.





Gaming Laptop, the best laptop for Christmas

2. Gaming Laptop

If you’re shopping for a gamer, choose a gaming computer. They deliver high-power processing and graphics that go above and beyond the norm to make the gaming experience an amazing one. Gaming laptops also tend to have larger screens, more storage, and more expansive memory than other types. Brands like Alienware and Asus deliver all the bells and whistles a gamer could want. Pair this gift with gaming headphones and a gaming mouse to complete the setup.




Chromebook Laptop, the best laptop for Christmas

3. Chromebook Laptops

If the person on your list just needs a machine for internet browsing and whipping up quick documents, look no further than the Chromebook laptop. This laptop works off the Google-created Android operating system, which means every document is created using Google applications and is saved to the Google cloud.






Business Laptop, the best laptop for Christmas

4. Business Laptops

A business laptop is the whole package for both the person who wants a laptop more for work than play and for the person who is ready to downsize and replace their desktop. Business laptops offer the browsing and software capabilities of a desktop in compact form. Brands like Apple, HP, and Dell offer more than enough power and storage for everyday business and home use.





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